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Oil Protects Long Hair

Why is oiling the hair important?

   Oiling your hair regularly will help to protect it from the harshness of daily life. Oiling the hair will return moisture to dry hair, and form a protective layer around the entire hair. This protective layer reduces the stress that your hair will receive from daily life. Reducing the everyday harshness and stress will lower splitends and breakage. The protective layer that oil provides can even guard against short periods of hot temps. Heat and chemicals is your hair's worst enemy.

How often should I oil my hair?

   A weekly routine of oil treatments can allow for the maximum protection, shine and health to your hair. What is the right amount of oil treatments for you? Each person being different has there own different needs for oiling the hair. Whenever your hair feels dry. Give it a light oil treatment. If that does not cure the dryness then give yourself a heavy oil treatment. 

   You will find that the ends of your hair are almost always the most damaged. Daily abuse from shampooing, sunlight, wind & blow dryers, and chemicals from coloring perms and relaxers create dryness, which leads to splitends and breakage at your hairs ends. Some may really need to pay special attention to your hairs ends. The shorter lengths may not need any oil. For those with very dry hair. Oiling the entire length of your hair is most recommended. Those with oily roots should transfer the natural sebum oil to the entire length of the hair. You can do this by brushing with a 100% boar bristle brush. See our brushing guide.

   Does the entire length of your hair have a consistent level of silky healthiness? Then you are not in need of any advice on how to care for your hair. You do not need to change a thing in your hair care routine. Feel free to send TILHC any questions no mater what!

Long Hair Oils

What oils should I use?

   Below is a list of some oils that can be used for the hair. All of these oils are fairly common in health food or grocery stores. First, a little about jojoba oil.

Jojobo oil is the best oil for your hair!

Jojoba is closest to sebum oil.
What is Sebum oil?

  Sebum oil is the natural oil produced by the scalp to give moisture to your hair. Without it your hair would become dry then split and eventually break off. Having healthy long hair would be a lot of work without sebum oil. Sebum oil is especially important for long hair. Each person produces different levels of sebum oil. Depending on heredity, climate & diet. Those with dry or long hair, a little jojoba oil is all that is between you and healthy beautiful hair.

  Jojoba oil being the closest oil to sebum oil makes it the best oil to use on your hair. Jojoba oil is also expensive and can be hard to find. TILHC always has 100% pure jojoba oil in stock. If you cannot afford jojoba, then try olive oil. Olive oil is not only easy to find, but much less expensive than jojoba oil. There are many other oils that you can use on your hair. Below is a small list of oils; by no means all of the oils are listed here


Now that you know what oils to use. 

How are they applied?

Hair Oiling Methods

     Oil treatments will provide protection to your hair as well as extra shine. Below are two methods for oiling hair. The light oil treatment & heavy oil treatment are for anyone. Depending on the current condition of your hair one may be better for you. If your hair is currently in a dry condition, we recommend a heavy oil treatment to start. 

Add light treatments to your daily routine.

 Light Oil Treatment Method

    The heavy oil treatments are needed less often than light treatments. Heavy oil treatments are also the method to be preformed after or before a hair stress activity. Chemicals and salt from swimming and the sun's rays will become less damaging. When you leave in the heavy treatment during exposure to the water or sun. Remember that your hair is best protected when it has proper moisture so better too much than not enough. 

  Heavy Oil Treatment Method

Other methods for proper hair moisture.

  Mayonnaise Treatment

  Flax Seeds

Feel free to send us your favorite hair oil or your oiling treatment routine.

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