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Light Oil Treatment

   Begin by taking your oil of choice in one hand. Cup your other hand and pour a small amount (a thimble full) of oil into your palm. Then rub your hands together so that the oil is even on both palms of your hands. Try not to get any on the back of you hands. Then run your hands gently down the length of your hair. The ends of your hair being the oldest will most likely be the driest hair on your head. So remember to apply more to the ends than the rest of your length.

That's it. Simple aye!

   Light oil treatments need a little finesse. Too insure that you do not end up with a heavy oil treatment (if you are pressed for time and want to wash out before going out). Which is not bad for the hair. It just takes longer to shampoo out the heavy oil treatment. If one thimble full is not enough for your hair, then add more until you feel it's enough. Light oil treatments if done correctly, can be done without the need of washing the oil out after wards. You can simply let the oil stay in your hair all day, without any noticeable oiliness. The longer the oil stays in your hair. The better the benefits to your hair.

    Oil treatments work best on hair that is completely dry. If your hair is badly damaged, you need to do a heavy treatment (light treatments will suit you after your hair is replenished with moisture). Light oil treatments can be done on wet hair after showering. Leave in all-day or washed out. Please allow at least 60 minutes minimum for the hair. Each person is different and will have different oiling needs. Any oil treatment will be the best protection your hair will get on most days. Protecting your hair each day will make long hair easier to obtain.


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Heavy Oil Treatment

  Begin by either pouring your oil of choice on to your hair, or you may pour small amount of oil into a cupped hand. Then run your hands from your scalp to the ends of your hair. Continue until your hair is completely wet with oil. Then you may wish to put your hair up to keep the oil from your clothes. Let the oil stay in your hair for at least 20 minutes. You may leave it in as long as you wish. The dryer the hair the longer you should leave the oil in. When done wash out the oil by shampooing. You may have to shampoo more than once to remove all of the oil.

That's it!

  Heavy oil treatments will protect and enrich your hair. One heavy oil treatment can return shine to dull hair, and even make split ends look like they have disappeared. Heavy oil treatments are a must for those with dry or damaged hair. Also a little heat can allow the oil to penetrate deeper into the hair. Hair should never be heated above 108 degrees. Just remember that it takes time to let the oil set, and to remove the oil from your hair.

   Heavy oil treatments work best on hair that is completely dry. If your hair is not dry or badly damaged, you should try regular oil treatments. Heavy oil treatments can be left in all-day or washed out. Continue with heavy oil treatments until you feel your hair is at normal. If your hair ever becomes too oily, just shampoo a little out.

This oiling tip is from Lynda

   I do this at home and it's a lifesaver. I color my hair so finding a good oiling or conditioning process is important to me. I coat my hair with sweet almond oil mixed with chamomile oil. I let this soak in over night and the next morning I wash it out. When I shampoo I leave the shampoo on for a few minutes and then rinse, this makes it so that I don't have to repeat the shampoo process and my hair looks like silk afterwards. Sweet almond oil isn't very expensive and you can pick it up in most health food stores.

  Thanks for the great tip Lynda! This is a great way to give yourself a light or even a heavy oil treatment.

Other Oiling Methods

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

   Be warned the mayo will not come out easily, but the mayo will make your hair very silky and full of protein. For mayo, just use any brand mayo that uses real eggs. Apply all over hair, and let set for 20 minutes minimum, 60 minutes max. Then wash out using warm not (hot water) and shampoo. May need to shampoo more than once to remove all of the mayo. One good mayo treatment can make your hair both silky and shiny.

Homemade Remedies

   You can create your own mayonnaise if you like. It simple! Just break open 3 large eggs into a blow and blend. Then add a fluid ounce of oil. Olive, jojoba, apricot, rosemary or what ever oil you wish. You may wish to use a combination of different oils. Then hit the mix button. If it is too oily add some more raw egg. Continue to mix and adding oil or eggs until you have the consistency that you wish.

Flax Seeds

   Adding flax seeds to your diet will greatly benefit your hair. Flax seeds both create natural sebum oil and provide extra protein for your hair. You will also find that most varieties of nuts will give similar results. However flax seeds will greatly benefit your skin and hair.

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   Fish like sardines, herring, mackerel, red snapper; flounder, salmon, haddock, bass, halibut and caviar are excellent for improving health. Fish is brain food, but is also good for the hair and the rest of your body as well. If you are not eating fish every week, you are not at your full potential health wise.

Feel free to send us your favorite hair oil or your oiling treatment routine.

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