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How The Scalp Works

Can bangs really cause hair loss?

   Yes bangs can, so can adding layers to all one-length hair. If you have noticed that your hair has recently been thinning out or growing slower? Did you recently have bangs cut out, or layers added to your hair? If so this is mostly likely the reason for your recent thinning or slow down in growth. 


   Well, there is not a simple answer to this question. Before you can understand why, you must 1st understand that the human body is always seeking perfect balance. This perfect balance is for natural selections sake. Of course none of us are perfect. But the more perfect or balanced a person looks. The higher that person places on the natural selection chart. This allows the most balanced to create balanced offspring. Which is how a species evolves making improvements with each new generation. Adaptation is a must for all species as history has shown. Those species that could not adapt to the ever-changing environment become extinct. Whether fair or not, or political correct or not has nothing to do with it. All species on planet earth follow this natural selection seeking the well balanced. All the species that have not been able to follow this selection rule are either extinct or are in the process of becoming extinct.

  Okay not quite the answer you were looking for. But we are much closer than we were before. Just remember that your scalp and body do not understand styles or fads. Instead your body is constantly positioning itself to be the best and most balanced possible.

Balance Is Everything

How does balance affect my hair growth?

  Now keeping in mind the attention your body gives to balance. Lets go a little further. Believe it or not, your body knows everything that goes on with your body. Within less than an hour after you have eaten a meal. Your body knows exactly how many calories, fat grams, and carbohydrates were in the meal. As well as how much nutrition and protein was in the meal. Not only that but it has already begun separating what it wants to keep, and what it wants to depose of. Sending the nutrition where it is needed the most. Your body does all this without any thought on your part. It is just instinctive.

  Any time a part of the human body becomes unbalanced (as in a cut). The body goes to work immediately to do what it can to balance that unbalanced part. So when you cut bangs or layers, your scalp quickly goes to work to even out your uneven or unbalanced lengths. Your scalp does this by simply reducing the nutrition to your longer lengths, and increasing the nutrition to the shorter lengths. Increasing the growth rate of the shorter lengths of hair, and reducing the growth rate of longer lengths. This condition can also lead to the thinning out of the longer lengths.

  And this is why bangs and layers will lead to slower hair growth and hair loss. All one-length hair will grow faster and thicker than banged or layered hair for most people.

  Always remember that there are exceptions to rules. Meaning that cutting bangs will not always lead to hair loss on some.

All One Length Hair

   If you are seeking longer or thicker hair, go with an all one length cut or a natural cut. A natural length on some is the V-shape that occurs when their hair gets very long. There are two ways of growing out your bangs and./or layers that are explained below.

1) Starting over: Let your shorter layers or bangs grow out. Only trimming your longest lengths until it is all one length. Once you5r hair is all one length it will grow faster and become thicker. No more will you have to concern yourself with uneven lengths, thinning out or slow growth. Some will have thin hair no mater what they do, as thin hair was inherited. Those in this category will have naturally thicker hair than they would with bangs or layers.

2) Blending the bangs: Just let your bangs and/or layers grow out until they equal the length of the rest of your hair. You may need an occasional trim for split ends, but keep all cutting to an absolute minimum. Bangs will grow from 2 to 3 times faster than the rest of your hair. This is due to the extra nutrients that the scalp delivers to the shorter lengths of hair. As your bangs become closer in length to the longer strands, the scalp begins to reduce the amount of nutrients to the bangs area and redistributing the nutrients to the rest of your scalp or lengths of hair.

 Those suffering from any scalp disorders should seek professional advice from a dermatologist. 

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