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Long Hair Care

     This is TILHC's main hair care page. From here you can link to all of our hair care pages. Each page written for a particilur long hair care need!

     You will find that most of your long hair questions can be answered by reading one or more of the twelve long hair care pages listed on the left side menu.

    However please feel free to email us with any questions. email

   Your hair growth Growth

   Your hair needs nutrition Nutrition

   Your scalp needs circulation Brushing

   Your hair needs moisture


Long Hair Emergency

    Having a long hair situation that needs answers now?

    Click here detangling to find out what to do for detangling long tangled hair.

Winter Hair Care

     Find out what special needs your hair has during the cold winter months.
winter long hair care

Long Hair Salons

     Go to our salonlist to locate long hair salons that will take care of you hair. Instead of cutting it off.

     We wish that we knew of more salons that cater to long hair clients. However there just are not enough to go around. If you know of any salons or stylist that are not listed on our site, please contact us email

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